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Houston Pre-Construction Preservation

Houston Construction Preservation

Arbor Care, Inc. offers a complete program for Tree Preservation on wooded lots during development. The key to preserving these trees is the prevention of damage to not only the trees roots, but also to the original soil conditions these roots are growing in. This means that the protective measures need to be in place before any other site work begins! Remedial efforts after the damage is done are usually less than 20% effective.

The most common misconception about root systems is that they are a mirror image of the canopy, growing straight down, deeply into the soil. The fact is that almost all of a trees root system is in the top 12 inches of soil, with the majority of these in the top 6 inches! Tree roots can also extend out a great distance from the tree. It is not unusual to find roots from a tree 2 to 3 times as far away from the tree as it is tall! Visualize a wine glass sitting on a dinner plate, and you will have a good reference as to what a tree root system looks like.

The canopy of the tree must also be taken into account. Far too many trees are permanently damaged or disfigured by construction workers trying to get enough clearance to do their work.

We begin the preservation process with a pre-construction consultation. During this time the site is accessed and recommendations for the use of various preservation techniques are made, including:

  • Fencing
  • Mulching
  • Root Zone Therapies
  • Trunk Spraying
  • Root Pruning
  • Root Barriers
  • Aeration

In some cases trees cannot be preserved due to the overall impacts of the development process, and in other cases trees can be moved to another on-site location. All these options and decisions must be made before any construction begins. Our ISA Certified Arborists have the knowledge and experience to recommend the right program for your property.

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