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Houston Tree Management

Caring for unique landscapes and trees is a unique art, requiring an understanding of both the aesthetic and science of horticulture and arboriculture as well as an intimate understanding of Houston tree management ecology system. Arbor Care, Inc. understands these challenges and provides expert tree management services. We are passionate about tree care.

We specialize in land management for residential, estate, commercial and government properties in the greater Houston area. Proper Houston tree management is an ongoing process that requires the informed and diligent stewardship of our experts at Arbor Care, Inc.

Our Houston Tree Management experts can provide:

Tree Health Inspections & Assessments
Tree Hazard Assessments
Tree Protection Planning - Tree Health Care Programs
Tree Preservation Planning During Construction
Tree Installation Specifications & Installation Supervision
Tree Removal
Post-Installation Maintenance Specifications
GPS-based Tree Surveys
City Permitting & Tree Removal Plans
Installation Audits & Assessments
HOA Tree Inventory
HOA Tree Management Plans
Municipal Tree Management
Project Planning & Tree Species Selection
Field Selection of Trees

Houston Tree Management Inventory Process

A tree inventory is the gathering of accurate information on the health and diversity of a property’s landscape. Our Arbor Care, Inc. experts can create beautiful landscapes with the selection of quality trees and comprehensive site planning services. We can provide guidance for your any Houston tree inventory planning and tree management project.

How Arbor Care Manages Trees

When Arbor Care, Inc. completes a tree inventory we provide detailed data on tree species with their binomial nomenclature (Latin names), size, tree height, crown width, and overall condition. We assess the property’s tree health and maintenance needs, assess overcrowding, and diagnose possible problems such as presence or absence of insects or diseases. We also provide a comprehensive report on the characteristics of the property, such as soil type and condition, root space, and safety.

A comprehensive Houston tree inventory collects data from all trees in the population, and a cover type survey is a survey where some of the information gathered is usually done through aerial photography and GIS systems. These tree inventories are conducted by our expert arborists and urban forestry consultants using handwritten methods, software, templates, and PDAs.

Structure Detailed Tree Analysis

Arbor Care, Inc provides a little known service called structured tree analysis. We’ll send a certified arborist to your Houston property to conduct a thorough tree structure evaluation.
A tree structure analysis involves analyzing the trees on your property, carefully examining each one for common problem issues, identifying problems such as insect infestations, trunk cracks, fungi and much more. Arbor Care, Inc. will give you a thorough explanation of what we found and what solutions we can provide to decrease the likelihood of possible future liabilities.
Have Arbor Care, Inc. perform your Houston Tree Structure Analysis.  We can recommend tree pruning for Houston residential and commercial properties.

Knowledge is power and in order to know the trees on your property are structurally sound you need to have a tree structure analysis by Arbor Care, Inc. We can provide a tree structure evaluation on your Houston area property. Call us today to see how our Houston tree management services can help your property. 713-694-8898.

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