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Houston Tree Pruning

Our crews at Arbor Care, Inc. provide Houston tree pruning services for residential and commercial properties. No matter if you call it Tree Trimming, Tree Cutting or Tree Surgery, Arbor Care, Inc. provides professional tree pruning for Houston and surrounding areas. We perform all pruning operations in accordance with the latest ANSI A300 tree care industry standards.

Find Professional Houston Tree Pruning Experts

For pruning to be beneficial it must be done with an understanding of a tree’s basic physiology, as well as its natural growth patterns. There is much more involved than simply sawing off limbs. Proper pruning is something we take very seriously at Arbor Care, Inc.  Don’t just let any Houston tree pruning company prune your trees.  Our ISA Certified Arborists are required to stay up to date with the latest research-based techniques that can make a dramatic difference in tree health as well as structural integrity and aesthetic appearance. Our crews are in daily contact with our Arborists and have the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with highest quality results. Sometimes trees that are not healthy pose a safety risk and need to be removed. Tree removal is one of our specialties.

Improper Tree Pruning in Houston Can Cause Damage

Unprofessional pruning techniques can damage branches, hinder tree growth, increase sun damage, weaken branches, and potentially cause disease.  

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Tree Shaping

Tree shaping is necessary for optimal tree health. Arbor Care, Inc. knows that even trees that don’t often need trimming will benefit from periodic shaping to protect their strength and promote growth. Our tree shaping services include eliminating deadwood, removing crossing branches, and removing undesirable growth.

Arbor Care, Inc. provides a variety of Houston tree shaping services that include tree shaping, tree preservation, safety shaping and selective hand shaping. Call Arbor Care, Inc. today for a free estimate and assessment of your tree shaping needs. 713-694-8898. Trees are dormant in winter and this is the optimum time for Houston tree pruning.

Professional Tree Pruning Done Right!

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