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Houston Tree Removal

Houston Tree Removal

Houston tree removal is necessary when you have a tree that needs to come down.
Arbor Care, Inc. has the proper equipment and experienced personnel to get the job done safely and securely. If dead or dangerous trees threaten your property, contact us. Tree removal is one of our specialties including stump removal in Houston.

Houston Tree Planting

Premium Houston Tree Removal You Can Trust

Arbor Care, Inc. uses several methods to remove a tree. We perform tree removal services by analyzing the tree's size, its location, clearance distance, and safety concerns around the perimeter. We use a combination of methods and devices, from cherry-pickers to cabling and bracing, to ensure the safest and most efficient, economical Houston tree removal service for your project.

It's important to use a licensed tree service company with highly trained expert staff. Thousands of accidents occur each year when homeowners attempt their own large tree removal. Dangerous tree removal services or difficult location removals where power lines, businesses, homes, or other structures are close by only emphasize the importance of using our experienced Houston tree removal services.

Discover Amazing Houston Tree Removal

Arbor-Care, Inc. can recommend the best tree for the location, site conditions and the desired effect. We use proper tree planting techniques which include hole size, shape and preparation, sanding, mulching, staking, root stimulation and trunk spraying. Follow-up tree maintenance programs are available to insure good tree health and proper growth and development. Your tree will be selected by one or our ISA Certified Arborists from the inventory of a local grower who has a proven record of supplying a superior nursery stock.

Contact our Arbor Care, Inc. experts at any time and we can assist you with Houston tree removal. To have Arbor Care, Inc. help with your Houston tree removal services, call us today at 713-694-8898.

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