Tree Pruning in Houston

January and February are a good time of year to think about tree pruning in Houston. There are benefits to pruning your trees in the winter. Trees are dormant during cold months making them less susceptible to stress or damage caused by tree pruning. A dormant tree is less likely to suffer from fungus and …

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Fall In Houston

The kids are back in school, football season has begun, we’re even hearing hints of cold fronts headed toward our neck of the woods…it all adds up to the fall season is almost upon us! And for us in the tree service business that means it’s time to talk about planting trees! Fall is the …

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Choosing a Tree Service

When it comes to choosing contractors to complete work on your home, it pays to be a discerning and even a little bit “choosy” potential client. You don’t compromise on quality in caring for the inside of your home, you should take the same approach to hiring someone who will take care of your trees …

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Tree Care Tips for New Homeowners

Hey new homeowner…congratulations! You’ve made the jump from being a renter to being a homeowner! We know it’s exciting and overwhelming at first, but once you get settled in and begin making your new house a home, you’ll understand what a great feeling it is to be proud of your home. In addition to decorating …

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The Relationship of a Tree

A tree is a lot like a relationship. It starts out like a small seedling, planted in firm solid ground. Then from there it begins to flourish. The roots take hold beneath the surface, growing deeper and firmer into the ground. Identical to that of a relationship, you build a foundation to flourish on. The …

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When To Plant Trees in Houston

One of the questions we are hearing most frequently lately is about when is the right time to plant trees in Houston? The effects of the drought were devastating to the area’s trees, and many people are eager to plant trees to replace one’s lost during those harsh conditions. The best time to plant trees …

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