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Tree topping is regarded as a poor tree maintenance practice that can harm a tree and actually be counter productive in attempting to downsize a tree. Tree topping is the systematic cutting off of tree branches, leaving hacked-off stubs that are unsightly and unhealthy for the tree. There are many pejorative names for the practice of tree topping, including rounding over, tipping, heading and hat racking.

Issues Created by Tree Topping

There are a number of severe consequences caused by tree topping, including:

  • Infestation of insects and disease. Unsealed cut-off branches are susceptible to decay, disease and proliferation of insects.
  • Poor growth. New growth may not be strongly attached to the cut off branches, which may deteriorate and rot away.
  • Fast growth. Sometimes trees will product new growth so quickly from a stub that it will reach its former height in record time, which is often the reason many tree are topped off—to reduce height.
  • Damage to the tree. Topping cuts off the leaf-filled crown and its ability of the tree to manufacture food for life and growth. Often a tree will be so disturbed by the damage caused by topping that it will rapidly generate new growth to offset the loss of its leafy health crown.
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Avoiding the Harmful Practice of Tree Topping

Often tree topping is done because it is quick and requires little to no professional arbor care experience. Credible arbor care companies will recommend against the damaging practice of tree topping.

Arbor Care, Inc. is the reputable tree care service expert in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, providing professional, affordable and fully insured tree care service. We provide a full line of commercial and residential tree care services and can advise home and business owners on tree care practices that do not rely on tree topping. We perform all pruning operations in accordance with the latest ANSI A300 tree care industry standards.

Certified arborists at Arbor Care can recommend established and accepted methods to properly prune trees, such as crown raising, so that pedestrians may walk safely underneath the branches of trees. Properly executed crown reduction will avoid tree branches from contacting utility lines, structures and walls, but not harm the tree. Arborists at Arbor care have the training, skills and experience to care for the varied species of trees in the area, gauge the structural integrity, health and condition of a tree to determine what techniques may be adequately used.

Full-Service Tree Care with No Tree Topping

Arbor Care is a fully insured tree cutting and tree felling service specialist serving the Greater Houston Metro Area, including the communities of Pearland, Kingwood, The Woodlands and Sugar Land.

Arbor Care is a complete Houston-area tree service specialist offering:

  • Commercial tree services.
  • Residential tree services.
  • Crown cleaning, thinning and reduction.
  • Drought relief.
  • Emergency tree service.
  • Fertilizing and spraying.
  • Full lot tree clearing.
  • Plant analysis and testing.
  • Shrubbery trimming and brush chipping.
  • Tree management services.
  • Tree removal and planting.
  • Tree pruning, trimming and shaping.
  • Storm damage cleanup.
  • Stump grinding and removal.

A Premium Tree Topping Service Provider You Can Trust

The original Arbor Care of Metro Houston has nine International Society of Arboriculture certified arborists on staff with extensive skills and years of experience to provide you with state-of-the-art techniques for the best tree care. We perform all pruning operations following American National Standards Institute A300 tree care industry standards.

Arbor Care—the tree care specialists since 1986—has earned an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, where it has been listed since 1995. Arbor Care has many devoted customers on Angie’s List and holds a Gold Standard Rating with the Consumer Business Review and is named a Premier Company with a Five Star Rating by the Home Services Review. It is a member and Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture and a member of the Tree Care Industry Association, the voice of tree care.

Contact the Tree Topping Experts

Contact Arbor Care, the Houston Metro Area experts for questions and concerns you may have about tree topping. We are are available to help you find alternative solutions to tree topping and also can recommend ways to mitigate damage to a tree that has sustained damage by the practice of tree topping.